Looking for a Clearwater Carrier AC Unit? - Here's why Carrier is a World Leader in Air Conditioning



Before we discuss the benefits of choosing a trusted name like Carrier for your HVAC needs, let’s start with something even more fundamental: nothing is more important than choosing the right installation contractor. A Carrier AC or heat pump can be installed poorly just like anything else, and they don’t come off the truck pre-assembled and plugged-in like a microwave.


Every home presents its own unique challenges and benefits, and a good installer will do a very thorough job sizing your system, installing or improving your ductwork and insulation, and in all ways setting you up for many years of comfort.


So Why Choose Carrier?

You’re getting the original. You may not know this, but Carrier didn’t name the company after a pigeon or anything. Its founder, Willis Havilland Carrier, who had several claims to fame, named it after himself. Even more than Jack Nicholson and Sean Connery, Willis Carrier can claim the title, “Coolest Man In The World.”


Not because he was stylish, but because this New Yorker and mechanical engineer, in 1903, literally created air conditioning. He would go on to install air conditioning in the United States House and Senate chambers, movie theatres, department stores, and skyscrapers. He died before Carrier cracked residential home air conditioning, but at that point he owned over 80 patents on air conditioning technology, beginning with the “Apparatus for Treating Air.”


So there’s your history lesson. Over a century of experience as an innovator and world leader in the HVAC industry means that a Carrier AC system is a serious machine. On top of that, the company has a history of working hard to keep the price affordable, and of maintaining strong customer service.


Their units come with competitive warranties, and they develop relationships with their dealers, even going so far as to provide them training to ensure that you, the customer, get the most highly-trained technicians available when you own a Carrier AC system.


The Carrier Corporation has managed to remain on top all this time not because they’re resting on the hard-won laurels of their founder, but because like other great companies – Apple, Disney – their philosophy was shaped by their leader for long enough that it outlasted the leader himself.


Carrier continues to innovate, to engage in rigorous quality control, to maintain a 24/7 customer service center, and to prove that, for them, getting a Carrier AC unit into your Clearwater home is still an honor.


You really can’t go wrong with that attitude. 


If you need a free estimate for a Carrier AC system, call the award winning, Carrier Hall of Fame dealer, Bay Area Air Conditioning at 727-270-9125​ today and save up to $1300!

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