3) Consider getting a second opinion. If you are dealing with a company that you know little to nothing about and they recommend an expensive repair or system replacement, get a second opinion. We offer second opinions for free if you’ve been told you have a major failure and need a new system or expensive repair.


Over the last 40 years, we have rescued thousands of Clearwater homeowners from the agony of an unnecessary system replacement, or worse, a complete misdiagnosis. Play it safe and make sure you have all the facts that you need to make an informed decision before you write a check for thousands of dollars based on a misinformed opinion.


A senior tech with 10 or more years of experience can pick up clues as to the system age by simply knowing when system design and color changes were made by the manufacturer of your equipment.  If you have a Goodman outdoor unit that is a light gray, for example, that indicates it was made sometime prior to 2008 or so. If it is labeled as "Janitrol" (now the Goodman brand), this means it was manufactured prior to 2006 or so. 


Every air conditioning manufacturer updates the design and efficiency every so often and some techs have been around long enough to know the difference. All of this is assuming that the serial number on the system is no longer legible and you have to resort to best guesses as to the system age. 

4) Have the technician check your warranty status.  In the last decade, air conditioning system warranties have gone from as little as one year, up to 10 years on all parts. There are not many things you can buy that have a decade-long warranty, but these days almost all systems come with an extensive warranty.


Don’t get caught without your sleeves rolled up and make an expensive mistake. Insist on knowing the warranty status and have your air conditioning contractor check the serial number to determine the systems age.


It could just save you thousands….


If you are faced with an expensive repair or have been told you need a complete air conditioner installation anywhere in Clearwater, give us a call. Our technicians are the most experienced and award winning in the business, averaging almost 2 decades of experience.


We are ready to provide you with the insight you’ll need to make an intelligent and informed decision.


We offer free second opinions as well as free detailed, written system replacement estimates, so give us a call right now and get ALL the facts.



Call 727-270-9125​ and we’ll send a Clearwater air conditioning installation expert right over!




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Clearwater AC Installation – Do You Really Need a System Replacement?




Air conditioners occasionally fail, but thankfully they are fairly reliable these days. So when yours breaks down it usually is a fairly tolerable experience; except when it isn’t.  So if your Air conditioning contractor tells you that you need a new system, is it really so? Here’s 3 ways to tell if you are getting all the facts:


1) Why exactly do you need a new system instead of a repair? The technician should be able to clearly explain the justification for spending thousands of dollars on a new air conditioner system. Perhaps you told him your utility costs are through the roof. Or, maybe, you told him or her that you’ve had a lot of expensive and recurring repairs over the years.


The tech may ask how well the system cools and you indicated that its performance is lacking. Absent any of these, a repair may be in order, especially if the system is less than 8 years old or so.


2) What is the age of the existing system? This is one of the most important considerations. As an air conditioning system ages, it tends to become less reliable and more and more prone to repair. Some repairs run a few hundred dollars; others, such as a compressor failure, can run up to $2000 or more.


Don’t let a technician’s desire to sell new equipment influence your decision in any way. Decide for yourself whether the repair cost is justified as to the overall expense of operating and maintaining the existing system as opposed to a complete replacement. If the proposed repair is say, $575 and the system is 11 years old, this is not a good investment from most people’s point of view.


Because the average life of a system here in Clearwater is about 12 years, there is a good chance that in the next 12-18 months you will experience another repair, or worse, a complete failure of the system.


If you or the technician don’t know the age of the existing system, have them run the serial number off the unit and get a clear determination as to age and warranty status. Many systems today have a 10 year warranty so be sure you understand if you may be covered by the manufacturer.


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