Central air conditioning and heat pump systems are different creatures, and one or the other is right for you. But, how do you know? A lot of professionals have strong opinions on this. The conversation becomes even more complicated when you begin talking about inverter air conditioners and heat pumps.


An inverter system features the highest level of available technology, which, in turn, produces extreme levels of energy efficiency, humidity control, and comfort. The systems operate at the most efficient level possible depending on the current demand the system is facing. When only low levels of cooling or heating are required, the system automatically ramps down to as little as 40% of capacity.


During the extreme periods, it runs at full speed, producing the highest level of comfort possible. It operates much like the gas pedal in your car; it only produces the speed required based on ever-changing conditions. This, in turn, allows the system to consume only the energy required at any given time.


We’d like to remind you that AC contractors (or anyone else) who say “never” or “always” are definitely wrong. There are situations in which an inverter heat pump is worth the added expense, and there are conditions under which it is not right for you. Here are some factors you should take into account:


  • Utility bills and related expenses, particularly the cost of electric vs. gas.
  • Your home’s specific heating and cooling needs.
  • The climate your area enjoys, particularly in winter.
  • The length of time you expect to own the system.


Let’s dive into these in a little detail.



Energy Costs. You should check and see the cost of electricity for your Clearwater area home. The cost per Kwh should influence your decision. A heat pump system consumes electricity, just like a central air conditioning setup would, and inverter heat pumps make better use of that consumption than non-inverters.


So, if utility costs staying low is a primary factor for you, consider an inverter, despite the higher price tag.


Your home’s specific needs. Do you own what’s called a “high performance home?” That means a home that was built to be energy-efficient. It goes beyond the building code requirements for minimum efficiency. In such homes, insulation is excellent, which means that good fresh-air ventilation is absolutely crucial.


One argument against inverter heat pumps is that they, like non-inverters, do require supplemental heat. If your home is energy-efficient, with great windows and insulated attics and crawl spaces, that need will diminish greatly. An inverter heat pump will pay for itself in less time than you might think.


Local Clearwater climate. Regarding supplemental heat: do you live in a place that experiences harsh winters? Heat pumps need a little more help in places that drop below freezing. Furnaces and space heaters are still a worthwhile investment in those areas.


In areas with mild winters, where the heat pump is already common, inverters are highly recommended. These systems exceed the performance and efficiency of older heat pumps.


Length of ownership. If you won’t own the system long enough to have it pay for itself in savings, you might not see the value in paying the extra cost up front. It usually takes a few years, sometimes five to seven, for an inverter heat pump to repay the added cost to the Clearwater area home owner. 


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