AC Maintenance Here in Clearwater - How To Keep Your System Running Smoothly and Efficiently




Central air conditioners are a luxury in the hot summers. These complex systems allow us to sit comfortably in our homes while the heat rages unchecked outside, and it’s easy to take that for granted. Nevertheless, when your air conditioner stops working properly, though, you notice. Quickly.


 What can a homeowner do? Central air systems are complicated, and it’d be understandable if              you assumed that only a professional could do anything to help.    Of course professionals from       an AC company should be called in for a seasonal or annual tune-up of your system, or for repairs, but in between those visits, there are things any person can do to keep AC maintenance calls at a minimum.


The most obvious thing is to maintain clean air filters at all times. Sometimes AC Maintenance is out of sight and out of mind, but that’s a big danger to your air conditioner. You should be cleaning or replacing filters every 30 to 60 days – more if you’ve got dogs and cats running all over, or live somewhere with a lot of dust and sand flying around. Check to see if your filters should be reused or replaced.


If they’re reusable, clean them thoroughly, dry them even more thoroughly, and pop them back in. If not, have replacements on hand. Pro-Tip for the forgetful: store your replacement filters somewhere where you’ll see them, like a laundry room or a prominent shelf in your garage.


It’s also very important to make sure there are no obstructions at your return vent. That’s the grille that covers the vent that brings air into your system for cooling and redistribution. If dirt, debris, mold, pet dander, or any other buildup gets into your air conditioner, you’ll have more trouble with AC maintenance than you can handle on your own.


Your system will work too hard, your bills will go up, and you’ll wish you’d vacuumed more often. You can use a vacuum attachment to suck debris out of that grille, or if it’s gotten very bad, soak it, scrub it, dry it carefully and replace it. Pro-Tip: turn your system off at the breaker, just to be safe, before grabbing a screwdriver and removing anything.


You should also keep weeds and other overgrowth away from your outdoor unit. It’s meant to be outside in the hot Clearwater climate, so it’s, of course, all sturdy and tough, but your outdoor unit is also susceptible to buildups, clogs, and so on. If you’ve got weeds, ivy, creepers, or really anything at all trying to grow near your outdoor unit, attend to that immediately.


For most homeowners this kind of simple maintenance, combined with seasonal or annual checkups by a pro, will mean your AC maintenance needs will be minimal, and you won’t have to keep your AC company on speed dial.  In any case, give us a call for some excellent advice and service!


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