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Every industry in Clearwater seems to have more than their fair share of dishonest people who wouldn’t think twice about cheating you. It can make you, as a consumer, suspicious, especially when HVAC contractors tell you that your air conditioner has gone belly-up and you’re on the hook for thousands to replace it.


We get that – and we think you should arm yourself with knowledge before you do anything. Clearwater air conditioner experts are always available to answer your questions, but just in case you like to do your own research, we offer you this collection of important insights.


We know that it can be stressful when you’re shopping for something as important and as expensive as a central air conditioning system so let us try and make it simpler. Here’s what we think you need to know before you take the leap:



You need to know how old your system is. If you don’t know the answer, ask your technician to tell you. Your system has a serial number that can easily be used to determine the date of manufacture. If you’re dealing with a technician that doesn’t have that information before they recommend replacements, you should consider a second opinion.


That is because, in our humble opinion, age is a key factor in deciding on a replacement. Now of course, very experienced technicians can often tell the age of a system within a few years by its design, but they should do their homework anyway.


If they can’t tell you that your system is 10 years old, rather than say, 3 years old, they might be trying to sell you a line in order to make a sales quota.


What is the repair estimate? The older your system, the less you should be willing to spend on repairs. Why? The older your air conditioner, the more likely you are to see parts starting to wear out or malfunction. If your system is more than 8 or 9 years old, do a little math – multiply your system’s age by the repair cost.


If you get quoted $500 to repair a 10-year-old system, you get 5000 – which, in most professional opinions, means you should consider replacing the system over repairing it.


It’s more expensive than the $500 repair, sure, but at 10 years old, if a Clearwater air conditioner is already breaking down to the tune of $500, you could be seeing more problems before long.


Have you confirmed your warranty status? It is absolutely shocking how often this doesn’t get checked. Most modern central air conditioners – nearly every one built within the last ten years, at least – carry great warranties.


The majority are about 10 years, and cover repairs varying from defective parts and labor all the way up to comprehensive repair and replacement. If your system is less than 10 years old, you should be asking your professional technician whether the cost of the repair falls under a warranty.


We’ve spoken with customers who were seeking a second opinion or an estimate for a replacement after being told they needed a new central air conditioner. After a little research, we discovered that their systems were in fact under warranty, and the other company had missed it.


Needless to say, that customer had us do the work. It just makes sense to look into these things, and you should always be willing to ask around.


If you do need a new system, get a written estimate of what you need (and why you need it). Oftentimes, for the sake of expediency, less than stellar HVAC contractors might offer to replace your existing older unit with the same model, or the current year’s version of that model. That can feel like a good idea – it sounds headache free, and your old one worked for a while, right? Wrong.


You should never trust a technician who doesn’t do an energy audit and make his or her own assessment of what kind of system you need. Bigger isn’t always better, and technology is always evolving.


In fact, part of the reason your old system breaks down could be traced to improper sizing. Insist on having a load calculation performed – and unceremoniously part ways with a company that refuses to accommodate you.


If you aren’t sure that the Clearwater AC installation company you are dealing with is giving you the best advice, you should speak up. They should be featured on Angie’s list, Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, and other similar websites. Their reviews should be independently verifiable.


In Clearwater, air conditioning experts are also regularly referred by word of mouth, as well. Find out which experts your neighbors, friends, and family have used. Don’t settle for a company that sets off the alarm bells in your mind.


There is never a good time for a big expense, but there is also never a bad time to learn. With an honest contractor, the entire process – repair or replace – is usually done very quickly, often in as little as a day. With Florida’s climate, that can be a critical issue – you don’t want to get caught without a cooling system in the middle of a hot southern summer.


An opinion doesn’t cost a thing, and neither does an estimate. If you’ve been told that your bank account is about to experience a big debit to keep your house air conditioned, drop us a line. Our experienced technicians are ready and eager to find the best, most cost-effective solutions for your home. 


If you think you may need a new AC installation, give us a call today at 727-270-9125 and claim your free system design consultation!

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